$14.99 / lb

A mixture of scrap consistency Cigar Filler, Wrapper, and Binder leaves.

$7.99 / lb

A mix of our scrap consitency Fronto and Grabba leaves including QB-52, Dark Fire Cured, and others!

$7.99 / lb

A mixture of scrap consistency leaves from the Connecticut Broadleaf plant, includes a mixture of 1LS, 2Ls, MED and 1DW. 

$7.99 / lb

A mix of all scrap consitency leaves. Can contain scraps from all leaf varieties.

$18.99 / lb

An assorted mix of cigar binder quality leaves from all countries and origins.

$19.99 / lb

Our Shade Leaf is velvety and thin, which is what is to be expected in high quality Shade Tobacco, but in a lower cost, mixed, scrap consistency. Carries a fresh, yet earthy tone musk with a top note of spice.  When moistened, it is a very thin and pliable leaf.