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1LB - CT 08 Broadleaf

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 23in x 9in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 30

In stock

The CT 08 Aged Connecticut Broadleaf is a beautifully aged delight! Given time to age, this leaf makes for versatile component to any cigar maker's kit!

This tobacco leaf is also a great cigar wrapper leaf, binder, and even filler blends. Experimenting is one of the funnest parts of MYO Tobacco Leaves!


Our Aged CT Broadleaf Tobacco Leaves are unselected, which means you can expect to find leaves of all grades, including wrapper, binder, and filler. The leaves are thin and have a medium-dark brown color. 

Distinctively Aged, the leaves work well for all types of cigar blends and uses.

Being a vintage tobacco leaf, once our supply is gone, so is this leaf forever! Less than 100 LBs available.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"I am not sure who I spoke with on Tuesday regarding my order. But whoever the gentleman was I would like to THANK YOU!!!! OMG I could'nt believe it that pack was awesome. Now I know how to ORDER what I like. YEsssss that's it."

- Nicole, CT

To learn more about Leaf Only, visit the About Us page. If there is a particular tobacco leaf that you do not see on our website, please Contact Us. There is a good chance we can find the leaf you are looking for!


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