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Bold Combo - 2 Lbs

$39.99 (Save $7.99)
OUT OF STOCK. Please try back soon.

Wrapper: 1/2 LB PA Oscuro Wrapper
Binder: 1/2 LB Pennsylvania Binder
Filler: 1/2 LB Aged Nicaraguan Ligero, 1/2 LB Aged Nicaraguan Seco

Bold Combo - 2 Lbs is a tobacco leaf kit that is often used to make your own cigars.

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"Thanks for your great product!"

- Mike, TX

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Customer: joshua shoffner
Date: Dec, 27, 2020

just received for Christmas the bold and medium small combo kit. been smoking cigars for a few years now. this is my first attempt at rolling cigars. have rolled ten or more by Saturday night!!! my first attempt was about sixty ring gauge. no idea it was going to be that big. it was the only one that did not smoke. rolled to loose. rolling corona size now. all the others were great some were fantastic just by sure luck. I am now starting to blend, my rolling is improving, starting to Cuban cap, and properly prepare my leaf. the first ten were strait out of the bags with just a water spray prep. was a little intimidated when looking at all that was in the kits. after a few rolls I caught on!!! the art of rolling, the amazing smell of fresh tobacco, and enjoying what I have created FANTASTIC EXPERIANCE. I will continue to buy LEAF ONLY FROM LEAF ONLY. lovin the fresh roll Jshoff

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