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Nicotiana Rustica Wild Tobacco

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Nicotiana Rustica, sometimes known as Wild Tobacco, thuoc lao, mapacho and other regional names, is an incredibly strong variety of whole leaf tobacco with up to 9x more nicotine then other varieties of whole leaf tobacco. $18.99 / lb
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Nicotiana Rustica, sometimes known as Wild Tobacco, thuoc lao, mapacho and other regional names, is an incredibly strong variety of whole leaf tobacco with up to 9x more nicotine then other varieties of whole leaf tobacco. 


Whereas most types of tobacco are of the species Nicotiana tabacum and have from 1%-3% nicotine, this Nicotiana Rustica leaf often comes in around 9%. In other words, it is an entirely different species of tobacco, and it can be up to 9 times stronger. This makes for a great pesticide.

Nicotiana Rustica Wild Tobacco is a tobacco leaf that is often used to make your own ceremonial tobacco. In addition to being a top choice for ceremonial tobacco leaf, Nicotiana Rustica Wild Tobacco can also be used for the following applications:



The high nicotine content of the Nicotiana Rustica leaf is a major part in why it is so popular; Often used by natives for many ceremonial purposes, this tobacco also makes a great pesticide. Also popular in many foreign markets under the names Thuoc Lao, and Mapacho. 

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Customer: Greywolf Paul
Date: Dec, 17, 2017

I loved this tobacco Rustica anyone who wants a strong kick to there other tobacco leaves blend they buy i used it with Virginia flue cured leaves and brightleaf it was called a Panda Blend

Customer: Patrick Toerner
Date: Apr, 16, 2018

Great product, very potent. Will order more for blending purposes. This is a great leaf to mix in to other nonaromatics to boost the nicotine levels. I have had best results mixing with Burley or English blends that are lacking in Vitamin N. As long as this is available I will be a loyal customer. Just ordered another half pound, this time I am planning on aging it alongside Perique in the jar, will post back with updates on the results.

Customer: Patrick Toerner
Date: Nov, 23, 2018

Placing another order for the Black Friday Sale. My last batch was phenomenal. I went with my Rustica/Perique blend, but tried Greywolf's suggestion of blending with the Virginia. Added that to my blend, and the end result was even better. The Virginia really helped it get a good burn ratio and added another subtle flavor that rears its head from puff to puff. Thanks for the advice! I used 1lbs of Rustica, 1/4lbs of Virginia Organic and 7oz of Perique. Talk about a strong nicotine buzz!

Customer: The Alchemist
Date: Nov, 17, 2019

This is a wonderful product. I cut it up with scissors at first but ordered the standard shredder for ease of smoke-ability. I puff on this straight for an intense experience or as a blend with other organic tobaccos. Tastes great on its own and I enjoy the extra nicotine in the cheeks and throat. Warning: Do not inhale any product containing Rustica!!! This should be used only in pipes and cigars.

Customer: Patrick Toerner
Date: Mar, 10, 2020

3rd Review of my 3rd Order. I cannot keep myself from coming back to this. This is truly wonderful tobacco, please never stop selling this. I have heavily cut down on Pipe/Cigar smoking since CBD Hemp was legalized, and I have purchased an Arizer Solo dry vape. I get even more pleasure out of this Rustica, by mixing it with CBD Hemp, and using it in my dry vaporizer. The taste and smell is better than smoking, and its more efficient for effects, with far less chemicals being formed. This mix, has actually helped me quit longcut dipping tobacco entirely, which was something I struggled with for years, as well as cutting out E-Cig Nicotine Salts, which are not as safe as dry vaping. I still smoke my clay/briar pipes, 1-2 a month, but no longer every day/week. I really hope your Rustica lines expand, I would love to see other varieties/grades of Rustica available, would be amazing for wrapper grade to make potent CBD Hemp Flower blunts for when you really need to kick back and relax.

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