Buy light fire cured, KY MD TN tobacco leaves, pipe tobacco leaves, and chewing tobacco leaves.

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 18 Approximate leaf dimensions: 28in x 12in

Our Light Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf can be described as a wonderful middle ground between the Dark Air Cured and Dark Fire Cured. It is a dark leaf that comes with a lower-stength smokey aroma and smell that the fire cured tobacco leaf is famous for. Although this leaf is traditionally used to make chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, and in pipe blends, some of our customers have enjoyed this leaf in a cigarette or hookah blend, or as a roll-your-own fronto leaf, comparable to our Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf, despite it's mild smoked smell and flavor.

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Light Fire Cured Fronto Leaves

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Leaf Location
Buy Light Fire Cured Leaves (MD DFC) at Leaf Only - Your Number One Source for Raw Tobacco Leaf Location of Light Fire Cured leaves on the tobacco plant.

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Chew, Snuff, Pipe Blends, and Fronto!- Our Light Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf arrives with a very mild, smokey scent that is comparable to our dark fire cured leaf, but much less potent.


- Our Light Fire Cured Tobacco Leaves are grown in TN, KY, and MD, USA. Unlike some fire cured crops, these leaves ARE graded, so you can expect most of them to be of wrapper or close to wrapper quality.


- These Light Fire Cured leaves are very thick, easy to handle, rubbery, and very large.


- The light fire cured tobacco leaf has a medium dark brown color, similar to that of the dark air cured leaves we offer, but is a bit more fresh and pliable due to its recent crop year.


- While this leaf is mostly used to make your own chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco blends, snuff, snus, and even in cigarette blends. This leaf is also used as a fronto or ceremonial tobacco leaf in certain areas or cultures.

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