Magic 25 Cigarette Filter Tips - Smoke cigarettes with less nicotine and tar due to the extra layer of filters.

These additional filters help reduce nicotine and tar in cigarettes, and is especially great for those who enjoy a light smoke!

Magic 25 Cigarette Filters For Sale Online

- The heart of the cigarette filter filtration system is the orange or green cartridge. Each puff drags smoke through small air holes in the cartridge. Harmful Tar and Nicotine are trapped in the cigarette filter filtration system. Magic 25 nicotine cigarette filter is clear so you can see the amount of tar and nicotine NOT entering your lungs.

- Instructions: Place the cigarette filter tip on the end of your cigarette and smoke normally. Some filters require squeezing the filter end a bit before attaching. Each Magic 25 mini cigarette filter is good for 5 to 7 cigarettes. Change the cigarette filter tip when the Tar and Nicotine indicator is completely covered.

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