Tobacco Leaf Shredder - Make your own cigarette tobacco and roll your own tobacco.

After yet another round of design modifications, We here at Leaf Only are once again offering the POWERMATIC S ELECTRIC TOBACCO LEAF SHREDDER! This time around, the engineers have really toughened up this machine for more sustained use. With a new cast alloy chassis for increased rigidity and improved gears with high quality ball bearings, this machine is built to last through many pounds of your favorite unprocessed tobacco leaf from Leaf Only.

On top of these structural improvements, the designers have also isolated the circuit board and electronics from the gears and blades to reduce and eliminate interference from dust. This, along with built-in overheating protection makes this the strongest and the most reliable Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder yet!

This Electric Tobacco Leaf Shredder is the REAL DEAL! Also comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty!

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- This shredder works best with any of our whole leaf cigarette tobaccos, such as the un-cut virginia flue cured and un-cut burley tobacco leaves.

- Unlike most tobacco shredders, you only need to run your leaves through this electric shredder ONCE!

- The Powermatic S cuts at an average of 1.5mm, and produces strands that are suitable for MYO/RYO Cigarettes. Take a look at the video below for a preview of what this thing can do.

NOTICE: With this shredder it is not necessary to de-stem the main vein of uncut leaves before shredding them - however still reccomended depending on your application. Also be sure that your tobacco isn't too moist when shredding because this will put unecessary strain on the shredder and potentially clog it. It's best to have the tobacco leaf as dry as possible without being so dry that it would crumble into powder.

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