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Approximate # of leaves per pound: 38 Approximate leaf dimensions: 22in x 9in

Our 1LS CT broadleaf is a popular middle tone wrapper. It has a beautiful tan-brown color on the outside of the wrapper, and has a soft, darker inner side. This tobacco leaf is identical to the 2LS, but is classified as a higher grade because of the quality and consistency of this variety.

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Whole Leaf
Leaf Location
1ls long seconds cigar wrappers from the CT broadleaf tobacco plant Location of 1LS Long Seconds Tobacco Leaves on the CT Broadleaf Tobacco Plant
All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Fronto Leaves, and More!- Connecticut's 1LS broadleaf variety has a medium strength and tone and provides a smooth, wholesome smell when wet.

- Slightly fragile when moist but has good elasticity if handled gently. It's best to moistened with a damp towel, but if you choose to spray, give it 2 days in a plastic bag to let the moisture even out for best elasticity.

- There are mostly mid-sized veins at the heel of the leaf, but they quickly slim down to a minute size at mid outer leaf and point of leaf.

- As a filler: the leaf is smooth, bold, light, and clean. The smoke is strong, but not overwhelming.

- As a binder: it's moderately elastic, and can be slightly fragile if it's worked while too wet. It is suggested to give the leaf plenty of time to fully hydrate the whole inner leaf, rather than just the outer surface.

- As a wrapper: the leaf wraps clean and smooth. It becomes lighter after wrapping than when in it's initial state. Burns clean, white ash. It becomes a great after dinner cigar.

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