Chaveta Knife for Cigar Rolling and Cutting. Tobacco Leaf Cutting Knife.

Leaf Only is now offering a new, modern style chaveta for all our make-your-own cigar rollers out there. After much searching, we've finally found a knife that gets the job done and still has the traditional shape and design of chavetas used throughout the history of cigar making.

Tobacco Cutters, Tobacco Shredders, Tobacco Machines.

- This Chaveta Kinfe comes pre-sharpened - be careful and use at your own risk!

- The Chaveta also comes with a nice little stand. Once placed on the stand, the knife will stand upright on its own, providing for quick retrieval whenever you need it.

- The knife measures approximately 5 1/2 inches long by 4 inches high.

Only $29.99
Now Only $19.99!