Brazillian Habano Viso Tobacco Leaf for Making Your Own Cigars

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 100 Approximate leaf dimensions: 17in x 7in

Our Brazilian Habano Viso tobacco leaves come in whole leaf bundled form. They are of Habano seed, but grown in Brazil. This leaf is medium to dark in color, yet not too thick. Slightly reminiscent of the PA Oscuro Wrapper, these leaves are smaller and slightly more distinctive in smell. We offer a wide variety of fillers, binders, and wrappers for making your own cigars - be sure to try them all to create some of the best personal cigars you've ever had!

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Unmanufactured Tobacco Leaf - Brazillian Habano Viso Wrapper for Cigars

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigar Fillers!- Our Brazilian Habano Viso wrappers / binders / fillers are aged to perfection. Somewhat small, but very nice medium to dark leaves from Habano Cuban seed.

- Slightly leathery in appearance, this leaf is also similar to our CT Havana leaves. I guess that goes to show that certain aspects remain unchanged when using similar seed types regardless of where it was grown.

- These leaves arrive tied in hands similar to most wrapper tobaccos, but can be used for all cigar rolling applications.

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