Tobacco Leaf Twists - Braided Tobacco, Red Ox Tobacco Twists

Leaf Only is proud to announce its offering of Red Ox All Natural Tobacco Leaf Twists (braided tobacco leaves). These are some of the finest twists money can buy. Currently available only in small sizes, we have access to many different sizes and varieties - so for wholesale customers, please don't be afraid to ask!

Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf - Fronto Leaf, Grabba Leaf, Packaged Fronto Leaf, Cheap Fronto Leaf.

- The Red Ox Tobacco Leaf Twists are made from our Aged Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaves.

- The Silver Tip Tobacco Leaf Twists are made from our Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaves.

- Tried and true, these twists are very popular and accepted in the chewing tobacco marketplace. Order your dark air and dark fire cured tobacco leaves and twists from Leaf Only for supreme quality and a great bargain.

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Other brands and flavors available. Please call to order. Business to business only. 860-704-0646.